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The riding club Experience HORSE RIDING!! operates in Akrotiri village since 1997 and offers riding enthusiasts the opportunity to experience Santorini through specific suggested routes, riding horses safely on our farm.

The riding club EXPERIENCE HORSE RIDING is a family business. The owners are two brothers who with love and respect for horses created their own farm in the village of Akrotiri – very close to the homonymous archaeological site and the famous Red beach – and since 1997 raise and breed their own horses.

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Many Years of  Riding Experience

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About Horse Riding

The use of horses in sports first appears in ancient Greece, where from 680BC chariot races and from 648BC horse racing consisted two of the ten events of the Olympic Games.
Horses are the most faithful friends, companion, and fellow travelers of Man, and you will realize that interacting with them fills you with feelings such as love, respect, and trust. In parallel, you come one step closer to nature through contact with a horse.
In Experience Horse Riding what sets us apart is our many years of experience and true love for horses. The respect, admiration, and care that we show to our horses are the fundamental elements that have determined their peaceful and calm personality. You are going to realize after a tour with one of our horses, how familiar and calm they are around people, a characteristic that we have instilled in them through the respect and selfless love and care we show them.
With over 40 years of experience in horse-riding and horse breeding we are the ideal people to offer you a different, unforgettable tour, which will relax you, introduce you to these proud animals and bring you closer to the environment.