Horse riding Santorini

Experience Horse Riding

Experience a unique horse-riding trip that will bring you one step closer to nature!


          20€ / per person


Do you wish to have a short ride with a horse? Is this the first time you come in contact with this particular activity? This tour is the ideal one for you, as the 20-to-25-minute ride will introduce you to the field of horse-riding and you will meet our proud and peaceful horses.

A ride in an area of 10 acres along with one of our horses is the right way to begin this activity.


60€ / per person

Dinner included (Upon request)

Our basic tour plan includes a 1-hour horse tour. The route starts from the premises of our farm with the accompaniment of experienced instructors and takes place throughout the day until sunset. Feel the relaxing experience as you ride one of our friendly horses and feel the natural vibes of the area. For more information, please feel free to contact us.


90€ / per person

Dinner included (Upon request)

This is an extended and beautifully organized tour, lasting 90 minutes to 2 hours. As in the Basic Tour, the tour starts from the premises of our farm with the accompaniment of our experienced instructors. Tours take place all day until sunset. Before starting the ride, our experienced instructors will provide you with the basic training you will need to ride our horses. Enjoy the beauty of nature and get to know the wonderful area as you pass through the local vineyards and volcanic canyons, ending up at the world’s only black beach of Vlychada. For more information, please feel free to contact us.


Semi-Private Tour with dinner included.

135€ / per person

Our trip starts from our facilities and then we pass through the amazing nature of Akrotiri village before reaching the famous archaeological site. We will then head riding towards the picturesque chapel of St. Anne, passing through the area, which was first inhabited around 4500BC, when the ancient civilization of our ancestors flourished, even before the eruption of the volcano that occurred about 3500 years ago. Once we arrive at the chapel of St. Anne, you will be able to admire the traditional architecture, the serene surroundings, and the unparalleled beauty. The route continues to the world’s only black beach of Vlychada, which uniqueness lies in the lunar landscape of the beach and the sculptural volcanic rocks that rise above the beach itself. Get ready to be amazed. Before the journey ends, it is worth capturing the moment with photos of the ‘’beach of love’’ that enchants everyone with its special and impressive landscape. The tour comes to an end at Akrotiri beach with a delicious dinner at the famous local tavern ‘The Cave of Nikolaos’. For more information, please feel free to contact us.


150€ / per person

Dinner included (Upon request)

Experience a dreamy journey that is going to be engraved in your memory. Ride on a private tour for two people, lasting two and a half hours, where you will be able to enjoy the uniqueness of the Black Beach of Vlychada, which with its otherworldly beautiful landscape astonishes every visitor. Explore the beach with your horse and swim in the wonderful waters of Vlychada. After this experience you will definitely feel one step closer to nature. Do not forget to capture these moments with photos, although we are certain that this experience will impress you and remain in your memory forever.

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All prices are for one person
Experience Horse riding -Santorini-Akrotiri
Experience Horse riding -Santorini-Akrotiri